Launched: Advance search operators for Doc List & Gallery

tl;dr - Advanced search syntax and boolean operators can now be used when searching your Doc List and the Gallery.

Since launching a host of improvements to search and how we index docs for you last summer, we’ve been working quietly “under the hood” to make further optimizations. At the same time, we realized we had an opportunity to give you, our amazing Maker community, the opportunity to optimize your queries with us!

That’s why I’m excited to announce our support for advanced search syntax for your Doc List and in the Coda Gallery today. Now, you can use the following operators when searching for docs, page titles, and/or page text:

  • Double quotes: Surrounding a phrase by double quotes (””) will search for all of the words in the phrase, in the order they are represented
  • Boolean operators : AND, OR, NOT are also supported, but be sure to use parentheses whenever multiple operators are used together
  • Preferred operators : You can indicate if a term must be present in the result by using the + symbol, and indicate if a term must not be present by using the - symbol
  • Boost operator: Use the ^ symbol to make a term or terms more relevant than another; for example, if we want to find all documents about foxes, but we are especially interested in quick foxes we would use quick^2 fox as our query
  • Non-operator characters : If you need to use any of the above symbols in your query as text and not as a search operator, you can precede them with a \ symbol

Advanced search.gif|804x452.25

Looking for more examples and details? Check out this handy guide in our Help Center: Advanced Search Syntax | Coda Help Center

We’re also aware of requests for more granularity for search in your documents themselves. While our team continues to work on our next generation core editor, our expectation is that—in addition to further improving performance and enabling new formatting scenarios—the new editor will also enable Coda’s search engine to access your doc contents more effectively for an equally next generation search experience.


Exclude a topic?! A world first. I have never seen a search engine do that

How to I apply that to my documents?
I type in search bar a key word I know is in all documents but only one document appears in the search. How can I see all the documents that contain that word?


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