Launched: Collapsible Lists

When we launched collapsing capabilities a few months ago, you could collapse and expand headings, tables and views. Today, we’re expanding these capabilities to enable collapsible lists in Coda!

Foldable Lists Demo

Some helpful things to know while you try out Collapsible Lists:

  • Like with collapsible headers, tables and views, content that has collapsing enabled will start collapsed when a new viewer opens a doc/section/page in a new environment (e.g. their browser will show all content collapsed, even if you have it open in yours)
  • To make a collapsible list, simply choose it from the formatting menu at the top of your doc; you’ll see it as an option beneath our other list types
    • Tip: You can also use the keyboard shortcut >> Space at the start of a new line to create a collapsible list.
  • You’ll know you’re working with a collapsible list when you see the collapsible “caret” icon instead of bullets, numbers or checkboxes

We hope you enjoy these additional options for streamlining and organizing your docs!


Wow this is freaking great! Big surprise!
Well done team!


Yes! You guys are on fire. Thank you.


This is very cool! @Sergei is there any way to combine this with checklists?


YES! exactly what we needed next


Now the only thing we need next is the ability to do this within a text field. Then to copy and paste it to, say, a google Doc and have it maintain the hierarchy. Right now it just goes to flat text.


Great! No more fussling with H1/H2/H3… :nerd_face: Thank you once again, keep up the good work improving continuously!

Btw, the timing of this update is brilliant in my opinion, as some/many of us are playing with the nested sections and I believe they compliment each other perfectly.


Thanks Coda Team accpected my suggestion Collapse outlines in doc

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Yup you can combine the different list types together as long as they are on different lines:



If collapsible list is empty, the icon can’t click.

In this case, suggest icon can click and have tip text, and grey icon color that means content is empty.

Or just Grey icon color , still can not click .


If list name is empty, image

Suggest have tip text : Toggle or other text with grey color.


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  1. What’s the regular keyboard shortcut (not markup) for this? I only see markup options. Tried these: Ctrl+Shift+Space, Ctrl+Dot, Ctrl+Shift+4,5,6
    EDIT: Found it: Ctrl+Shift+6. Had to turn off that kb shortcut in CloudApp.
    expand lists ui shortcut 2020-04-25

  2. This isn’t getting any love in the keyboard shortcuts listing.:sob:

  3. Sometimes the UI menus show markup shortcuts, and sometimes they show regular shortcuts. (See first screen cap, above.) Where’s the control to toggle between them and/or is there a setting to make it always show one or the other?

  4. The only ways I know to reach the listing of keyboard shortcuts is via Ctrl+Shift+/ or /ke..., themselves both keyboard shortcuts. The learning curve for new users would benefit if this were visually accessible via an icon in the toolbar. (I thought there used to be one at one point?)

  5. EDIT: Also found that Ctrl+Dot folds/unfolds.


This is game changing = well done and a big thank you!

FYI I could not get it working in notes fields in a table - is that a bug or something forthcoming?

Again thank you!


You guys are incredible. You move so fast with the customer in mind. Very useful.


Hey thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you’re finding it useful.

Yes, you’re right that collapsible lists are currently disabled in table cells as well as comments. It’s something we’re looking into adding in the future, but for now we don’t support folding in table cells.


I have one issue using text in tables. In case the text is quite long, I would like to limit the lines displayed in a table row. I have addressed this long time ago. If you make this feature work in a table cell as well, I could use it as a work around.

This is really cool… what would be even cooler is if it was possible to visualize it as a mind map :slight_smile:

Hi @Tomas_Jansson1, maybe you are aware of this topic, but just in case you’re not:

@Paul_Danyliuk shared an impressive doc in the #how-to-doc-show-and-tell-and-formulas:docshowandtell category, demonstrating how to make a ‘mind map’ from a table: Mind map (tree chart) implementation (!)
I guess you could make a collapsible list from that table too if that’s the combination you are looking for!

Oh, that’s pretty cool.

Love the additional possibilities this creates! :heart:

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And it was declared throughout the land by King Coda… “Everything should collapse!” … and it was so!