Launched: Customize your doc notifications

Doc comments are a natural place for collaboration. They’re a great way to share feedback, questions, and praise, while also creating a historical view of the doc and the decisions your team has made.

And because you may not be a stakeholder in every single one of those comment threads, we’ve added more customizations to your doc notification settings. So, you can now tune in to the conversations where your expertise is needed—and tune out the rest.

Click on the settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your doc. Scroll down to Notifications > Manage all notifications. Then choose to subscribe to comments with direct mentions or replies, or unsubscribe from all comments. You should know: These setting changes only apply to the doc you’re currently in.

Unsubscirb from notifications.gif

Send reminders to yourself with comment notifications

We heard some customers would like to send themselves reminders to revisit content or conversations, so we added the ability to to send yourself notifications by typing @yourname in a comment. A notification will appear under your Coda avatar and in your email.

May these new notification options keep you in your own well-defined loop. Enjoy!


This does not yet work without problems. Every time I click the “Unsubscribe from all” button, the doc crashes. An error page appears, saying: We found a problem. Your doc is safe, and we have been notified.

Thanks for the report Michael! I’ve identified an issue which can cause “Unsubscribe from all” to generate an error for docs with a very large number of subscribed objects. The fix for this should be live tomorrow afternoon.

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Great, thanks for the quick reply Paul!

Hi @Paul_Wilkins, in addition to better controls for receiving notifications, I’d very much like to see progress on the issues in this topic Keeping track of large numbers of notifications - #2 by Xyzor_Max, since many users need to deal with a lot of notifications, and being able to better manage reading them would be great. Of course I know you are all busy and cannot respond to every request on the forums, but just hoping that the notification review panel gets some love at some point. Thank you!


Hi @Ed_Liveikis ! We currently doing user research & exploring ways to improve the user experience for comments & notifications. If you haven’t already, feel free to share more detailed feedback here for our product & design team to review & add to our explorations. Thanks for your input on helping Coda improve :smiling_face:

Hi Teresa, thank you and yes I did submit the feedback there. :slight_smile:

when writing a side comment, everybody messes up because we don’t know the default and reality of who will be notifyed:
when writing a comment, people don’t think and ask themselves who will get the comment, they just comment. Thus everybody get notified. Thus everybody turns of notifications. Thus nobody get notified. Thus it’s crap.
You should default notify nobody, and tell the commenter “nobody will get notified, @someone to notify them”
Also, since some persons got spammed with people commenting and notifying everybody, people turned off notifications. So when @ing someone, we are not sur that they will receive the @. So we @ them in dm in slack / whatsapp / mail to be sure. We can educate a bit our internal team and ask everybody to turn on notifs (but it’s painfull), and with external people in shared docs w/ clients, partners and more, we just don’t @ because we don’t know. So when @ing in a comment, we should be informed right away “this person has notifications turned on and checks coda regularly” / this person will get notified by email / this person has notifications turned off, notify them also on another channel, like in slack "this user has notifications turned off, they will see your message tomorrow at 9. It’s essential for user collaboration, and also for your virality.