Launched: Faster image loading

If a picture is worth a thousand words, should an image take 1000x as long as text to load in Coda? I think not!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been testing improvements to our image delivery service that resulted in images loading up to 60% faster in Coda docs. We’ve now applied the optimizations for all non-GIF images in Coda.

Median load time for various image types, including images on cards, header images, “dark room” images, and embedded images before and after optimization.

This update will apply to all header images, images embedded directly in your pages, and images in tables.

We hope it helps your teammates “see the big picture” even faster.


I would highly appreciate if you do a couple of things for the images:

  1. Natively support SVG! Now Coda literally forces us to use rasters and we all know that 1KB SVG loads much faster than 1MB JPG :wink:
  2. Allow us to properly set fixed size and auto-size options for images in columns, canvas and formulas.

Thank you for including the before and after metrics and of course thank you for this update. My Coda docs are filled with screenshots so this will be really helpful. :+1:


Hey can you give an example to the community about when this would make sense?

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Don’t get me wrong. I love any performance update! Although Coda is not in our top list anymore but fixing performance could definitely make it look more fancy again.

Here are a few examples:

We have a database of clients, their case studies, testimonials, etc. I tried to create in Coda a section which randomly generates the brief about the client with the logo (link from Wikimedia). Not possible because most of the logos are SVG.

Instead of case-studies in PDF, we wanted visitors to select one of our services from a drop down field and this to trigger a sellection of case studies and on click to show a properly looking case study with the client’s logo, some GIFs for more visualisation. Well… not possible in Coda as it doesn’t render the logo and if it does (randomly) it is just in various size every time.

Another example is when we want to make something like a portfolio list of clients (their logos) which are generated by selected criteria. Well, most of the company logos are now in SVG…

Another one is when we wanted to make things a bit nicer in a database and add icons. They are either SVG or GIF or Lotties… neither work well in Coda.

I wanted to create a bug-tracking in Coda where users could have their own profile page including selecting an avatar from a drop-down… not possible in Coda, no.

Sizing an image on the canvas from a table for an insight/news… not possible in Coda.

Using icon/gif to style a bit a cards category… not possible.

I probably have about another dozen of abandoned cases because of the poor look and the imposibility to make it look like from 21st century in Coda.


You can convert SVG file to any other format if SVG support is the only problem

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Arh, if I only have tried that :wink:

This post is about performance with graphics. That’s why I shared my suggestions for better performance with graphics.


Hi @Bharat_Batra since the launch the preview of the image links doesn’t work anymore :thinking:

Hey @thomas_raizedai, thanks for flagging this! I don’t have permission to view that doc currently - just requested access so I can take a look.

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