Launched: File Uploads & Attachments

You’ve asked and we’re ready to deliver: file uploads & attachments are launching today!

Your docs now support images and files anywhere on the canvas or in a table. Add resumes directly to your candidate tracker, attach PDFs of vendor contracts, or embed a photo of that hastily sketched napkin diagram. You can even embed multiple photos and files into one cell!

Ready to get attached? Here are a few ways you can get started.

  • On the canvas, type /file to pull up your system’s file browser. Select the file or files you’d like to attach. Presto!
  • Maybe you’re hooked on drag-and-drop. In that case, drag the attachment directly onto the page or into any cell in a Images & Files column

Your formulas and lookups will work as always, and we’ve ensured any password protected files stay that way in your docs. You can choose from a few display options for your attachmentsーinline, title, and cardーand drag-and-drop files to new locations in your doc as needed.

Now that your PDFs, Images, and other files can live inside your docs, we hope your team is able to navigate your informational universe even more easily.

Know before you go:

  • Attachments are scanned for safety, which can add some seconds to the upload time
  • Upload limits vary per pricing plan; learn more here, or monitor your limits via the Explore Panel > Statistics
  • And because it’s 2020 we have to say it: As with all Coda features, use of attachments is subject to Coda’s terms and conditions. Violation of these terms can lead to account suspension.

Amazing :partying_face: :grin: !!!

As I have been frustrated for quite some time with the carousel when adding multiple pictures in a cell, I can’t thank you enough for this :+1: :partying_face: :grin: as now, it just looks and works like it should :sparkling_heart: !!!

Of course, the all feature is wonderful :partying_face: and a great pre-christmas :christmas_tree: gift !

Congratulations :clap: ! And Thank You to all the Team :grin: !


Bravo!!! No upload limit for the Team plan! :smiley:


Yippee!! Way to go team! :star_struck:


That’s huuge! Thanks for that :star_struck:


Couldnt wait for this to go Live! Good Job! :smiley:
And Forms also at the same time, must be that New Year came early :slight_smile:


I’ve been on the beta trial and it is really fantastic. Already I can’t imagine not having this.

Thank you so much!


Yeahh Dudes!! You’re the best. Tks very much

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hmm… I can’t imagine a use-case when previous solutions (URL/image embed, Google Drive and Dropbox packs) were NOT appropriate. And didn’t even understand why was Coda spent time and storage on this feature…

Could someone share a use-case?

This is a great feature. Thanks for launching it. I love keeping my project files in the doc vs storing it elsewhere and linking to it. So, this is a great feature. One reason why I want to “host” my content with Coda is because I cannot embed private Google docs in Coda.

One request would be having the ability to display files as embeds, so pdf and video content appear on the page instead of that additional click to open the lightbox. Thanks


Amazing🙌 Thank you to the Coda team for adding this feature!

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Where are these files stored @betty?


The files are stored in an encrypted s3 bucket. There are a few more FAQs here if you’re interested!


Thanks @betty

Could I also ask whether we have access to see the all the files within the bucket on a mass basis? I am just trying to work out whether this could be an alternative to our GDrive storage as GDrive <-> Coda is currently my main issue for linking documents/folders

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Hello @betty,

Can you clarify one thing for me. In FAQ it says that attachments and file uploads count against doc size, does that mean it counts toward that 125mb limit for API and CrossDoc also? I remember in one topic @BenLee said it doesn’t count toward size and this limitation, but now I am a bit confused :slight_smile:

One use case is a document for software bug tracking. It’s typical for QA to enter videos or other non-image file content to illustrate a bug. By not supporting file attachments, users would previously need to first save their files to the external storage (e.g. dropbox), then get a link to that file, then enter the link into the Coda doc.

Now a user would be able to simply attach the file directly, wherever they happen to have it stored (e.g. on their desktop or in their downloads), without having to go through the extra steps.

Hey @Shaun_Singh,

No, you will not be able to list all files within the bucket. If you create a doc and upload files to it, you’d have access to all files in that doc, but you won’t have direct access to the bucket.

I’m not sure what your current use case is, but this should eliminate the need to use GDrive as external storage for most cases. For large files, it’s still best to use external storage, as files do have a maximum size of 250MB.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Marko_Petrovic,

“Doc size” has taken on two meanings here in the community. In general, doc size refers to feature limits depending on tier. But the community has a lot of power users that make use of the API which is affected by the overall download size of the doc. We use “doc size” for this as well.

To answer your question, attachments do not count against the overall download size of your doc. So you are fine to use attachments and this will not affect your use of the API.


Does anyone know a work around to get a preview of a file in Safari? I understand it has something to do with Safari security issues but don’t want to have to switch back and forth between Chrome if there is an alternative.

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@Tim_Sherrod : Effectively, Safari doesn’t open correctly (at least) pdf files (whether they are on the canvas or in a table) :confused:. The lightbox open, but all I was able to see was the title of the pdf.
But it works fine with pictures though :blush: .

As far as the security goes on safari, I disabled every security feature I could find for but I still wasn’t able to open correctly the pdf.

I would have suggested to open the file in an other tab but it didn’t work either :confused: .

Maybe you could use Chrome or Firefox solely for a little bit until we have more info ? :blush:

And maybe @betty or @BenLee, you could take a look at this ? :blush:

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