Launched: Guess who? It’s Okta - Pack’ed up for IT [Enterprise]

No more whodunit! The answer to “who has access, who’s been onboarded, who’s been offboarded?!” is now clear thanks to Coda’s newest Okta Pack.


Starting today, enterprise teams can bring Okta’s functionality into any Coda doc. Those powerful formulas, customized graphs, and filtered table views you’ve grown to love? You can have it all. Our hope is that this new update can help IT and security teams have a smoother day-to-day.

We interviewed a few IT leaders we look up to for some ideas to get you started. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Do identity management directly in Coda, creating a flexible all-in-one hub to manage your users’ lifecycle or access management
  • Layer all your data sources into one canvas to create a more affordable and flexible HRIS solution
  • Save your mouse hand from an endless waterfall of clicks, clicks, clicks and audit in a flash with automations

And to make it even easier to get started, check out this IT Lifecycle Toolkit. It’s our one-stop shop for all things lifecycle management so you can focus on strengthening, protecting, and scaling your teams.

Know someone on your IT team or in your life who needs to try this pack? Send them to this form to book a meeting to learn more.


This is an exciting update!
@khanh Quick question… does the Okta Coda Pack pull in custom attributes that have been created for user profiles in Okta?

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Hi @David_Payne1 ,

Responding on behalf of Khanh since I’m online at the moment - yes, we pull in custom attributes. You can also create and update custom attributes on user profiles.

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