Launched: Improved metadata & unfurling for published docs

We love seeing you share published docs here in the Coda Community and across social media. But one thing we heard is that sometimes what really excited you about a doc is a particular page.

Previously, whenever you shared any page of a published doc, the way metadata was passed meant that any details that unfurled on social media sites, or even in Coda docs, was for the first page of a published doc only. That changes today.

Page unfurls.gif

Now, if you share a link to a page from a published doc, the metadata passed will be for that page, increasing relevance for everyone who sees what you shared. We’ll also show the Page name, followed by the Doc name to further contextualize what you share, when you share it.

For example, if you wanted to share the Decision exploration table from Annie Duke’s “How to make better decisions” doc, the card that unfurls will be for that specific page, and not the intro page.

We hope this helps you share more great docs with more confidence and more relevance!


Nice, this was one my biggest gripes when I made a template for a blog.

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This is super @Bharat_Batra! Might this help pave the way to eventually also having Google and other search engines indexing meta data beyond the first page?

Hey @melissa_byleveld - great question!

Google and other search engines already index secondary pages of docs that have been published and marked as discoverable, and with this work we’ve enabled them to find even more specific metadata for these pages including an image and description specific to the page being indexed. :slight_smile: