Launched: Microsoft Outlook Mail Pack 📧

Hi! Thanks so much for creating this, I just found myself needing it.

I’m getting the following error when I attempt to use the pack:

Also, wanted to request attachments support. I’m hoping to use this to automate sending invoices/contracts to accounting/legal once I log them in Coda.

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Super excited for this pack, unfortunately it I can’t get it to sync.

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@Donovan_Keith1 Welcome to the community! You should be able to install now. I got the same error yesterday looking up a pack yesterday but everything is back and ready to go!

Keep us posted on how it works out for you!

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Hi @Tanya_Davis

Thank you for the detailed video. Can you please share your Doc with me?
Then I am able to have a look into the logs.

@packwhale I can’t share my actual doc because of the information it includes. I created a doc with just the sync tables and shared it to the email you included. Thank you.

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Hi there, it would be posible to email a page same as with the gmail pack? Because that would be awesome!


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@Walter_Rodriguez I am happy to add this feature. How is this possible with the Gmail Pack?

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Foremost, sorry because I thought you were the same creator of the Gmail pack (I’m really new to coda). I don’t know how it works, but if you like you can try it, just add gmail pack, and you will see that in the content when you insert a = to write a formula you can also select any page and it gets send in the email with all the format and the information. But I really don’t know how it is possible, it is incredibly handy that’s for sure.


@Walter_Rodriguez I have just released a new version which allows you to send a complete page. Please have a try :slight_smile:

@Allison_Serafin1 I am not sure if this is the same functionality which you were talking about in an earlier post? JFYI

@ All Microsoft Outlook Mail Pack users, who are using the “Send email” or “Create draft” button:
If you are using the “Content HTML” parameter and checked the checkbox (first screenshot), you will see an error message (second screenshot).
The fix of this error is easy: just open the button’s settings via a right-mouse-click and click into one input field and click into a second input field. That’s it. Alternatively you can make a small change and undo it. There just needs to be a kind of trigger to force the button to update the logic in the background.


@Steffen_Zanner You have suggested a similar / the same functionality after the launch, I hope this update is also helpful for you.

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Thank you! The HTML option doesn’t show up for me with this doc. Hmmm…Any tips to get the update to sync with the pack already in a doc?

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@Allison_Serafin1 Sorry, maybe I was not clear enough in my previous post.

The “Content HTML” parameter does not exist anymore, through the latest update the text within the “Content” parameter is interpreted as HTML by default.

The second update is that complete pages can be sent via the “Content” parameter, just start typing “=” within the “Content” parameter field and a suggestion box will pop up displaying the pages of your current Doc. See screenshot attached.

If there is still anything unclear, please let me know.


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I’m having an issue with the HTML as well.

Previously this was sent as HTML.

What must I do to have it sent as HTML now?

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Hi @Chris_Hall,

It should be interpreted as HTML by default.
Can you please try to create the Send Mail button a second time and send the same content?

Best regards

I found the ability to send the page and that reduced a lot of complexity in my page and is a much better way to do what I was doing.

Thank you again for an amazing pack!


As requested by a Pack user, the latest release includes a “Folder ID” and a “Folder Name” column within the Messages table (yellow highlighted within the screenshot) :tada: :heart_eyes:

Please note, that the Microsoft API does not return any subfolder names, therefore the “Folder Name” column displays “N/A” in such cases (red highlighted within the screenshots).

If there are any other feature requests, please let me know :+1:

Just a quick question, is this pack able to send attachments?
Also does it work with exchange mail accounts in Microsoft 365?

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Hi Marko,

Ad attachments: it is on my to-do list.

Ad exchange mail accounts: I am afraid only Exchange Online accounts are supported.

Best wishes

I’m trying to use HTML and I’m building a field on a page with the important information I want to send.

Here is a screenshot.

When the email is sent this is what I receive:

I’ve tried without the HTML tags as well and this is the result

What do I need to do to get the HTML fields recognized correctly?

Hi @Chris_Hall,

I can not reproduce this issue.
Can you please explain how you are referencing the content for the “Content” field within the “Send email” button?
How did you create the text block with the grey background? Initially I thought it is a “Code block” but it looks slightly different and has not a name to reference.

Best wishes