Launched: Sync pages and content sharing updates

@Ayuba_Audu I’m really excited about the Sync Page Access Control. You indicated this was coming soon. Do you have a ballpark date / timeframe as to its availability? Thanks!

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This doesn’t seem to work when you have published pages on a custom domain. Is this intentional?

Thanks for the feedback, @R.J_Lynch!

While we don’t have a timeline we can share at this point, what we can say is that:

  • The same team that been working on content sharing — both full-page embeds and sync pages — myself included, is the same team pushing on sync page access control aka step 3 of 4.
  • We’re actively working on step 3 of 4 and will share updates as soon as we have them.

Thanks again for being part of the community, please keep the feedback coming!

If I’m following your example, there are two key parts:

  • Allowing people see a particular page without access to the rest of the doc.
  • Allow people see particular rows in a table without access to all rows.

For seeing a particular page without access to the rest of the doc, sync page access control will enable this. You’ll be able to sync pages or pages with subpages from a source doc to a container doc, which people will be able to see without having access to the whole source doc.

For allow people see particular rows, Cross-doc is likely your best bet at this time. It allows you pull in just the data you need into another doc e.g., Distributing feedback for each of your direct reports from a base feedback doc. There are upcoming improvements planned for Cross-doc, that’ll make scenarios like the one you described even easier.

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We do have support for publishing scenarios and would love to take a deeper look.

Please reach out to and we can take it from there, thank you!

:wave:t5: all,

Happy 2024 and I’m back to share another fun update with you all — you can now sync in a full doc as a sync page! :tada:

This means that all existing and newly created pages from that synced doc will appear in the page list of the container doc, further breaking down information silos and allowing you to centralize and cross-reference your team’s most important docs.

As is true for all sync pages, only users with access to the source doc will be able to see content from it.

Looking ahead as our team solidifies product plans for 2024, enabling sync page access control (step 3 of 4 in the image below) remains a top priority.

I look forward to sharing updates with you as we have them!


happy new 2024 indeed @Ayuba_Audu

this is a much-anticipated update - many thanks to you and your team for this!

will experiment with it as a way to bring order to my clients disordered explosion of many documents, and let you know how that goes.

well done!


Excellent @Ayuba_Audu !!

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Is this a message that we can expect to not see anymore, at the next stage?

I’ve enabled the TWO-WAY SYNC BETA for a table in a doc. The fields are editable on desktop, however not in the mobile app. Is this expected behaviour?

Any ETA about step 3?

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Hi. can you open the attachments of a sync page from the browser? to me appear an error: “This page has been blocked by Chrome”, I have try also with safari and it’s the same.

With the next step there will be more options to configure access to sync page content as opposed to only being based on if the viewer has source doc access.

This means with certain configuration options based on the scenario during setup, people won’t see this screen anymore. There will still be configurations that will show this screen and limit access e.g., the setup specifies source doc access and the viewer doesn’t have source doc access.

Many thanks for your feedback and question!

  • We currently don’t have an ETA to share for step 3 of 4. We’ll come back to share updates as we’ve been doing with the community as soon as we can!
  • We’ve been able to reproduce the issue you’re seeing in Chrome and other browsers from their security restrictions and filed a task with the team.

Thanks again and please keep the feedback, coming!

Question. Would this allow us to send a page with tables and data that would be live updated as well as could work as a form?
For instance could you send a customer a page that has a timeline that live updates progress as well as them being able to fill out forms or text boxes that can update tables on our end?

Thanks for the feedback — fields should be editable on mobile, though forcing a sync and some other things you can do on desktop aren’t on mobile yet.

If you’re not able to edit any fields at all on mobile, I’d suggest contacting or bottom right —> ? —> contact support and we’ll take it from there.

I’d love to hear a bit more about to scenario or what you’re trying to accomplish, since there could various ways to achieve your goals.

For example, Coda forms today already serve as a great way to source input from external customers into a private doc they don’t have access to or know about. With the coming work in step 3, they’ll broadly be able to see scoped content and data, work with it as well though certain things may be limited as we try to balance flexibility and security.

Im thinking of a page you can send to a customer that I can add a timeline to, a sentiment tracker and other vital information to the project. Would that page be editable from both ends?
The industry is residential construction and alot of us deal with a hodge podge of different solutions that dont communicate or automate.

Thanks for the details. With the initial step 3 updates, you’ll be able to sync that customer or client project status page into another doc you can share with the specific customer. We will start with a view-only experience, which will allow you present that slice of information to the customer, which will also reflect updates.

Right after, we’ll make updates to step 3 to support editing, which broadly allow “editing from both ends” as you describe it. You or the customer will be able to make changes and updates to the synced project status page.


Perfect thank you for this!

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