Layouts, images and embeds

I straight up don’t think either of the things I’d like to do are possible, but knowing the smart folk here, I’m still hopeful there’s a hack.

I’m setting up a bunch of layout / detail views for better interaction with some docs for my business, and I’ve had requests from our producer for a few things.
1./ Is there any way to have a url that is in a column be opened in an iframe in layout view? Or anyway at all to pull web content into layout view? This could allow things like showing a contacts linked in profile in a CRM, or a map to a companies address etc.
2./ . Is there any way to pull an image into a layout that isn’t specific to the row. We’d like to have one of four or five images show up (to help show really clearly the type of project thats being displayed in a layout) but want this to show based on a select list rather than having to bring an image into an image column. So - the equivalent of a lookup image if you will.

And even just having a little header image on a layout (which is the same for any row of that table) would be helpful / make things nicer for users.


  1. Possible, see MEGA TRICK: Dashboard design — Two columns, smaller charts

  2. Possible — just write an appropriate formula to pull the required image into a cell based on drop-down selection. Use Switch() or SwitchIf() to return different image URLs based on some value or conditions.

  3. Possible — just make a column with a formula that pulls in the same image into all rows, then put that onto your layout.

Hope this is clear. Would’ve provided the sample, but it’s 2AM here.

Paul - you are an absolute magician :slight_smile:

P.S. You can include the map with GoogleMap() hidden formula, no embed needed:

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Oh how have I never read about this?
Have implemented it straight away. Having trouble with the sizing in the layout, but I have bigger issues to worry about than that right now :slight_smile:
This is great!

This is a hidden formula and not on the docs. Perhaps one day it will be a pack like LaTeX.

If you have sizing issues, then follow the trick from the video I linked to in answer 1

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