Let's create our own ready-made codes

Let’s have the possibility to create our own ready-made codes. It’s as easy as creating automation. When we type a certain combination, the predetermined process will take place, or the predetermined ready-made articles that are laborious to write will be written, or a mathematical formula that we have predetermined will be written. I think it would be a very nice feature.

It would also be very good if there is a setting for these codes we have prepared to work only on certain pages. :slight_smile:

You need to define “codes” and show a few examples.

Yeah not obvious what you mean, but it reminds me of Text Blaze!
I’m sure there are other alternatives if you’re not using chrome

For example when I write /d8 it becomes today’s date: 2023-09-18:


Yes, that’s actually what I meant.

Can it do this in a table? Can a code bring up a table with the headings pre-filled and multiple selections prepared?