Limiting access to building blocks?

Wondering if there’s a way to limit which building blocks are available to Makers?

Starting to use the Canvas column a lot, but don’t want our users to see all the building blocks when they hit the “/” key.

Is there a way to configure this?

Main reason is that I don’t want to support any blocks / packs that connect to outside services and data… An wee all know that if you offer something to users, they will call you if it doesn’t work…

:heart: Coda

Hi Jan, thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently have the ability to limit building blocks available to Makers as a feature, but I can submit this as a feature request for you in the meantime. Do you mind answering the following questions so we can better understand your use case?

  1. What value does this new feature unlock? What does this help you accomplish?

  2. On a scale of 1 to 4 (1 = nice to have, 4 = absolutely must have), how badly would you say you need this feature?

  3. How would you describe what you’re trying to build with this feature? (Project tracker, blog, client-facing resource, etc.)

Thanks so much in advance for answering these questions! :smiley:

Sure Nicole - thanks for asking!

Being able to disable the building block will allow me to use the canvas column more widely. This will open the use of Coda up to less sophisticated users; really a level between a “Builder” and a “Viewer”. When you (accidentally) hit “/” in a canvas field it can be very overwhelming (scary) for a user. Or worse, it can be a kid in a candy story moment… (which always ends badly)

4. Without a better way to lock a Coda app down it’s almost impossible to roll out an app to less tech-savvy users.

The App.
I’m working on an app for our VC firm that replaces our McGyver’ed mess of Google docs / sheets / app script / etc… The app will manage several key aspects of our firm:

  1. Incoming deal pipeline through forms
  2. Due diligence management
  3. Investment ledger
  4. Contacts and portfolio management (CRM)
  5. Task / milestone management

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to answer those questions, Jan! :+1:
I’ve added your vote and the additional context to our feature request tracker, which our product team regularly reviews. Should this feature be built, we’ll be sure to notify you!

Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime!



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