Line Seperator?

Hey Everyone,

I just checked the “Explore” feature and found a “Line Seperator” like Notions’ under the menu “Text & Media”.

Since when do you have this little gadget?
Although I get all the news from Coda I didn’t noticed this anywhere…

And since this is part of the text features, why isn’t it part of the upper text bar?
Right now, nearly no one will find this Seperator and you won’t be able to use it in the mobile app …

Was it forgotten or is there a deeper reason for that?

Kind regards!

Since forever, I think — you had to type --- previously to get it.

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Ahhh Ok. Thanks for the hint!

But then Coda should be consequent and offer this gadget in the upper text bar so that everyone new like me who got to Coda after this “hidden trick post” knows that you can use this.

I think it’s not good if you can use Codas’ whole potential only with insider know-how instead of being able to use it all because you found the features intuitively through logic and effective arrangement.

Just my opinion :nerd_face:

No I agree, it should be discoverable better. I’m not sure where it belongs though: it’s not a paragraph format because you can apply paragraph format to the horizontal rule

It’s not a character format (along with bold, underline etc) either.

It could be a separate button on the panel, along with the link. But I guess Coda wanted to limit the buttons to only the most important ones, so the line was an outlier.

And the plus button goes away soon, in favor of slash commands and Explore.


Indeed, where should you put it?

I love the fact that it is nowhere - this is the sign of a truly minimalistic and perhaps elegant tool.

There are indications that text-writers are already cognisant of the ability to create a rule by quickly typing three dashes - this seems to be emerging as a common UX across many text tools. Even Microsoft Word supports this -

Using the Keyboard to Add a Line to Word
To add a dark solid line to a document in Word 2013 using the keyboard, type the “underscore” key three times, then press “Enter.” For a lighter solid line, type three “hyphens,” then press “Enter.” Word completes the line created using this method.

If you make an icon or button for everything, that would be bad; Microsoft has proven this time and time again.

We actually had a very recent update that better displays all the parts of Coda…

The text features are there as well, under the “Explore” link…

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You can also find a everything with the / command, and this was also a pretty new addition to Coda.