Linking tabs in GTD template

Hi there!

I have a question regarding the GTD template.
pretty unexperienced - and not sure what the right keyword is to describe the problem, so happy to be referred to other threads where this is dealt with.

In the “organize” tab I collected tasks (see pic),

But they don’t show up in the different to do lists (today, tomorrow, etc.)


Second pic:

Dear @Mark_de_Hoop,

Experience has learned, that when you share a dummy of your doc (no sensitive info) in the community, you will get much easier support :handshake:

It could be that a formula is broken, or something else under the hood.
When I opened the template created by @Al_Chen_Coda, it was displaying the tasks well:

Kind regards,

Thanks JP that’s useful!

Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues @Mark_de_Hoop! I am actually building an updated version of the GTD template so stay tuned for that!