[Locking] features not available (for a single doc)

Hi all,
I’m facing an issue with locking.
I don’t have sections’ locking features available for one document (all the others are working perfectly).

(reported also in Launched: Advanced Locking [TEAM])

Just to better explain, here what I see in all my docs:

While for this doc only, this is what I get:


It is obviously also reflected in sections’ contextual menu.

I can’t share this doc publicly, neither provide a mock use-case because every document I create does have locking capabilities.

As in my previous post:

  • I have a Team Level subscription
  • All the other docs are ok (same or different folders)
  • I have refreshed pages/relaunched Chrome
  • I have tried with another browser (Safari)
  • I copied/moved the document

It’s not urgent, but it’s starting to become important.
Any suggestion?

Many thanks.

One suggestion — ping Coda support via Intercom (the ? button in the bottom right) if you haven’t done that already.

Hi @Paul_Danyliuk,
Yes: good advice.
I actually did it but I guess timezone isn’t helping and Codans are currently sleeping…

They’ll reply later today, they usually reply pretty fast and even on the weekends.

It seems more like a bug than not. Only they can get to the bottom of it.


Sure: I think so, too.
It’s a complex doc, but not so complex… Although I guess it’s not a matter of complexity.
Anyway, keep you posted.
I’ll give feedback here in case someone else is experiencing something similar.

Just to keep you updated…
My doc has been fixed (yeah!) after some back-and-forth with the support team.
I still don’t know what was wrong with it (and I’m very curious): hopefully I’ll have a feedback about that.


"Usually this will happen if a doc is too large/complex and our system can’t support the upgrade. However, in your case, it looks like there may have just been a small bug in the code within the upgrade process. The engineers resolved and that’s all set. :slight_smile: "
Thanks @Charlotte_Espeland!