Login on Custom Domain

Is there a way to have a login page required on your public domain?

Hey Fabian! Sounds like a feature request we’ve been tracking, so we’ve gone ahead and logged a vote for you on this on your behalf to our feature request tracker, which our teams regularly review. Should this be built out, our team will reach out to let you know :+1: :smiley:

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hello, for the moment I’m using text input, with user codes. And this displays the data according to the code entered.

Interesting, did you make it yourself or where would they input these user codes?

On the admin doc, I create my users (on table DB user) and a formula generate the customer code. This sends an e-mail with the link to the doc and its code.

There’s just one constraint: the generated code doesn’t have to be the same. So I use a random(false). false to avoid regenerating the number each time, otherwise the code will change. And use factors such as the date the user created. You can use lots of methods. Here’s what I used for a client.

For exemple :

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