Long Column names don't adjust to adaptive view

Hi, I’m making a form, using column names to write down questions for people to answer… but when viewed on a Pc or {hone the whole sentence is chopped…

Is there a way to arrange that? or I have to put a header for each question and split the table filtering every column???


Hey @Juan_Carlos_Pellegrino
I can see several ways to go about this.
Now - phone / ipad is tricky (I’ve had tonnes of issues with ios viewing of a coda table/document - and have basically given up for now.
On desktop (or the desktop site viewed on ios I think this is fairly straight forward, and I’d say the following approach will give you the best chance of getting a decent IOS view too!

Create your master table. Don’t worry how it looks - just make sure everything is as you want it.
Add an extra table with just the questions - and have the questions as data. You can choose how you connect the tables together - but I’d have extra columns in your master table that lookup the question table.
Then you can display the question data as you would like (a detail view would be the place I would start).
This way you avoid needing to use the coda column names at all.
Make sense? I can mock it up for you maybe tomorrow if I get some spare time.

Hi Brendan, thanks!! I ended up, going for short version of the questions… and a detail explanation before the table… But I will give it a try using the lookup option using text as data.

Thanks!!! I’ll let you know if I don’t succeed!!


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