Looking for Coda Freelancer/Consultant

Hello all,

I have built an operations system in Coda for a small company of 5. All sales, project management, time tracking and operational finance is managed in Coda. Thank you @Paul_Danyliuk for your help :slight_smile:

I am now looking for someone to continue the advancement (if any) and upkeep of the system. Does anyone know of any freelancers who might be interested in this work?

Happy to share more details to any individuals interested. Will discuss rates in private. Looking for someone who has some software background so that they can pick up Coda quickly, or someone who simply proficient in Coda already.

Thanks so much!


Hey there! Shoot me an email. Iā€™m interested, have extensive background with Coda, and experience freelancing and building docs for companies. Sweir@cuhsd.org

hi I own a small software company but my passion is CODA, can help you eagerly.

Feel free to contact me to exchange ideas and expectations. My focus is mainly on integrations via Zapier with forms (paperform) and email (mailjet). If you are looking for API integrations others are better placed.

Best, Christiaan