Lookup and finding lesson resources to match the lesson

Hi all,

First time user with Coda having come from Notion and just getting my head about the difference in linking docs/databases

I am a teacher and currently setting up a digital planner with all my resources and lessons known as a Scheme of Work (SOW) in one place.

What I am trying to achieve - very unsuccessfully - is to

  1. to type a lesson into my planner which is linked to my SOW doc/table
  2. that automatically pull the lesson resources as well as if there is HW and its link.

I have a resource table/doc where I drop all my resources into that I have collected over the years and this table is linked to my SOW table/doc and the individual lessons. So when ever I create a new lesson I add it here assigning it a lesson, topics etc.

In my head it is acting like a VLookup/XLookup in excel but for someone reason I can’t get it to behave like this.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, thanks for reaching out! I think a solution to what you are aiming for is Relations in Coda. Relations help you connect your tables together. Here are a couple resources on Relations for reference:

The way this could possibly work is:

  1. A table to hold your Lesson title, associated homework, associated resources. We’ll call it “Lessons” for this example

  2. Your planner table (which I think is what you’ve shared an image of?) where you can select the day, period, and lesson.

  3. Create a Relation column in your planner table that is connected to the Lessons table.

  4. Once the lesson is selected from the relation column dropdown for the row, you can use a formula like thisRow.Lesson.Lesson Resources in the Lesson Resources column and thisRow.Lesson.HW Link in the HW Link column to pull in the associated resources respectively.

Hope that helps! If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to Coda Support :smiley:

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