Lookup formula help

Hey guys can anyone point me in the direction of this solution?
Im sure there many threads about this formula already.

Im trying to multiply the value of column “SF” by the value of the column “Factor” for the row chosen in column “Width/Texture”

Seems simple but I know very little about formulas, excel or otherwise. Thanks!

I guess you could try something like this if your field is a Lookup:
(I can test this right now though :confused: )


Or maybe this


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Thanks! I ended up formatting the “Width/Texture” Column as a lookup and added "factor as a related row and hid it. I don’t want to break it so Ill leave it as is but I will definitely be using these as a reference in the future. I have had the same problem multiple times but keep forgetting how I made it work. Now I can just check back in this thread, Thanks again!

That was gonna be my next suggestion :wink: .

Glad to know you made it work :wink: .