Lookup from other table using list selection?

Can the lookup formula work despite the targeted column being a drop down selector? If so, why is the formula not working to pull through the items?


In your formula, the “Epics” should be the Epics TABLE, not the COLUMN fron the Burndown table.

Thanks for the response Rolando.

Still struggling here:

@Gavriel_Shaw it looks like you’re guilty of the same mistake I just asked about in another post.
Your fomula does not work because the 2nd argument and the 3rd argument of the lookup formula needs to be compared, and to that end, they must be of the same type. (apples vs apples, oranges vs oranges)
In the lookup formula, icons of the 2nd and 3rd arguments must be the same.

Here “objective” is just text ( icon : [T] )
“this row” is obviously the whole row for which the formula is applied. Meaning an array with all the values in their cells of their respective types.

An comparing a string of text VS an array is not really possible.

You can do one of 2 things to fix your issue.

Solution A.
Make it so that the 2nd argument is an array too. That means the “objective” column of the Epics table must contain rows in each cell. That means the type of the column must be a lookup to the Burndown table. (Here the opposite is setup)

Solution B
Make it so that the 3rd argument of the lookup formula is text too. So replace [thisrow] by [thisrow].Objective and it’s going to pull off the text values from the objective column from the Burndown table (looked up in the Objective column in the Epics table)