Make coda document available only within an internal network

Hello everyone,

I don’t have an IT background so I’m not sure how to word or search my question.

I work at a digitalization unit of a manufacturing company and we need to share a portfolio of our products and some documentation with all the workers (several thousands).

We work with confluence, so it would get very expensive to create an account for everyone so I thought this could be an opportunity to use Coda and hopefully convince my team to move totally to Coda eventually.

The requirements are:

  • No login needed to access the data
  • Only available in our internal network (not on the internet)

Many of the workers working at the shopfloor don’t actually have any kind of company account, so that’s the reason for the first requirement and why even if we integrated Single Sign On it wouldn’t be enough.

About the second point, I don’t have enough knowledge to know if it’s impossible or if it’s possible but would require some Networking black magic.

Can someone maybe give me a hint or point me in the right direction?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hi Pablo,

All one needs to access Coda is an internet connection. It is also the only way.

Why are you concerned about people having to log in?

It is like signing on to Gmail.


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Remember that in Coda, you only pay for the makers. The consumers are free.

Hi Piet,

Thanks for your answer!

The target group are shopfloor workers, many of them middle aged and not very well versed with computers.

Additionally the factory is in Germany, and many people here are very picky about using their private accounts for work related stuff, and as said before many of them don’t have a work account.

My boss wants to build a simple website hosted in an internal server and a scrapper that would get data from different Confluence pages and display it on the website.

I was hoping to find a way to make it work with Coda, but I guess it’s not possible since it’s hosted in the Cloud.



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