Making a virtual game – can you help with a few issues?

Hi Coda Community!

I had fun this weekend trying to recreate this game my college friends used to play in person. I’m having trouble getting it to work smoothly with all the features I want, but it is playable right now.
(you should be able to copy this into your own docs folder and modify)

There are 4 things I can’t get to work, which are highlighted in the “Play here” tab. Any ideas on how I can:

  1. Set the CurrentRound?
  2. Dynamically pull the CurrentWord from the CurrentRound column in my Words table?
  3. Replace ‘Next Word’ with ‘Point to Team 1’ and ‘… Team 2’ buttons?
  4. Start and End Turns properly?

If you’re curious what I’m doing with the Google Form responses, here’s the spreadsheet where I collect the responses and randomize the words for each of the three rounds:

Appreciate your help in making Zoom game nights more fun! :slight_smile:

Hi Kunal, this looks like a fun one!

I have some thoughts around how you can structure this (I love building games in Coda), but I’m wondering if you have any logic built-in at the moment to show who can see what words. Usually when I try to create a multiplayer game, I like to add a “players” table of some kind and use User() formulas to determine who can see what. Have you played with logic in that direction yet? I’m thinking about how that would solve problems 3 and 4 here.

I’ve started working on a copy of your doc to tackle problems 1 & 2, largely by creating a separate table that stores:

  • Current word
  • Current word count
  • Current round

In my experience this might work better than trying to use a column that should only have one value in a table with many rows, and you could in theory get rid of “current word count” and “current round” in the list of words table. You can start exploring that here:

Ultimately, it might be simpler to eliminate the round-specific columns in. your words table, and create a single row that combines all the rounds, with a second column for the round, but it’s workable as-is with a SwitchIf() formula:

Let me know if that’s a good start!