Marking days of the week in Timeline view

It’s helpful that the Timeline view has vertical grey lines marking the start/end of each week, and a red vertical line for today’s date (screen snip below). However, this isn’t very useful for intuitively communicating which days of the week are working days, or which days have recurring events such as sprint meetings, and which days are important project milestones.

It would be amazing if the timeline allowed the user to specify (via formula?) one or more separate series (i.e. selections of rows/column values) to be marked in the ‘background’ of the timeline. For example, one-day-wide vertical bars shaded grey to mark Saturdays and Sundays. Or vertical lines shaded yellow to indicate key milestones.

As is the case with the rest of Coda, the functionality would hopefully allow as much room for configuration via formula, to maximise the ability for doc makers to use the functionality in ways that the designers didn’t explicitly anticipate. For example, ideally for each series you’d be able to identify a column supplying labels for each vertical line or bar, and ideally each vertical line or bar could inherit colour from the conditional formatting of the source rows.

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