Meet your Coda coaches!


We’ve got a whole bunch of Coda experts to help you over the next few weeks. Meet them here!

:wave: Hi! My name is Maria, and here at Coda I focus on education and learning. When not Coda-ing, you can find me with my big golden retriever, Ned, acting on stage, or recording audiobooks. I’m also always ready to cook or eat pasta :spaghetti:.

My favorite Coda doc? The dungeons and dragons template!



Hi folks - I’m Joe, and I work with our larger enterprise users of Coda (though having spent lots of time in smaller businesses, I know the ways they can find Coda useful too!). When I’m not building a Coda doc, you can find me running for exercise, or to catch up with my spirited four-year-old daughter.

My favorite Coda doc is Lane’s Meeting Notes and Action Items.



Hello :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:! I spend most of my time building Coda docs for our community who need to streamline and automate their business workflows. If you need a doc to help you with managing customers, inventory, or suppliers, I’m here to help you build the solution that is tailored to your business! Outside of Coda, I enjoy playing basketball, cooking, and listening to too many podcasts :headphones:.

My favorite doc: Dreamline Calculator by Tim Ferriss :sailboat:



Hey team! :wave: I’m Justin and I’ve been spending my time recently making the onboarding process in Coda smoother for folks like you. I’m excited to work with you!

I love rollerblading, playing pickleball, and :soccer:. Also an avid watcher (and rewatcher) of The Office.

My favorite doc is Sales CRM.

P.S. In a past life I was a CPA, so happy to answer any accounting or finance-related questions.



Hey there! I’m Gil. I’m an engineer at Coda and recently I’ve been working on the team that made Packs. I’m excited to help you all get started with Coda. Outside work, you can find me hiking :hiking_boot: , playing ultimate frisbee :flying_disc: , and reading books :open_book:.

Favorite Coda doc: To do list with recurring tasks & notifications



Hello All - I am Krunal. I am one of the engineer at coda. I have worked on Layouts and some of the editor functionality (Colors, Toolbar etc) and recently started working on our mobile experience. I am here to help in anyway to get you started with coda.

Looking forward to help you get started with Coda.