Move Main Menu bar to the bottom - Javascrip Hack (advanced)

Pretty much as it says on the tin. It moves the main menu to the bottom, so Coda looks like this:

Instead of:

  1. Install a javascript injection plugin for Chrome. E.g.: “User JavaScript and CSS”
    a. Setup Arrive-js as a library:
  2. Setup javascript:
  3. Setup CSS:

When using the mentioned Chrome plugin, make sure to set it up as follows:


And that the domain is setup correctly to:

This way any auto-dark theme will properly override the CSS colors properly.

Known issues:

  • None


  • 31/10/'19 - Initial implementation

That’s what happened when I first tested you TOC script. :laughing:

Yeah, I left it in there accidentally for the first version. I got requests and separated it out. :’)