Moving (or copying) a comment

I use a comment in a doc as a flag to mark where I have processed the information. The idea is to add some info separately from processing it. I also like using a comment as those ‘internal’ flags are not shown to simple viewers of the doc.

How can I move (or copy) a comment to move the flag?

Is there some other way to do this?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out. I think you’re asking about being able to drag and drop a comment to another row/item in the doc? If so, we don’t currently support that. But happy to get this filed as a feature request for you.

If that’s not what you were asking about, would you mind clarifying? Thanks!

That is exactly what I would like. Please submit a feature request.

Even if the comment stayed attached to the text, then I could copy the text and comment and then change the content text while keeping the content the same.

Okay cool, thanks for following up to confirm!
I’ve added your idea to our feature request tracker, which our team regularly reviews. Should this be built out, we’ll be sure to notify you!

If you’d like to include any additional context, feel free to respond here! Otherwise, you should be all set :ok_hand:

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