Multiple atributes in Tables

Hi all! Please help, I stuck on this:

I have orders, which contains order number, client, shipping address


items in order, which can be multiple, and quantity and price for each item.

How to realize it best way, without manually filling out client and shipping address several times for each order?

Thank you!

Hi @Roman_Sharapov,
Here is one way to do this -

This is the doc in case you want to make a copy and play around with it -

Hi Mallika! Thanks for answer!

The problem is that I cannot note the amount of item in case of multiple items in the order table. Furthermore, there will be other atributes of the items that is variable in each order. Please see screenshot.


Thank you very much!!

Would adding a separate row for each item ( so you can manage amount and attribute work?
You could group by order number or create a canvas formula to get order details as needed.