Multiple dates in a date field

I am setting up a system for teachers in our school to post homework assignments for students and families to view.

I have a field called “Assignment Date”, and that is used in a display table that is grouped on the left side by Assignment date. Teachers have asked me if there is a way for them to select multple dates for this field so that the assignment shows up on more than one date. My only current solution is to suggest that they duplicate the assignment row for each new date they want to use.

Is there a more elegant solution than that? Is there a way to allow them to select multiple dates in the field?


Hi @David_Lawrence yes I think you can do that. I would use a multiple select control` which you can use to select multiple dates. Then use a filter:

[assignment date].in([multiple select control])

And I believe that should work for you! Best of luck.

Hi @Johg_Ananda, thanks for the speedy reply. Much appreciated. I’m afraid I don’t know how to create a multiple select control on a date field. I know on Lookup fields I can select a similar option in Lookup Options, but don’t see anywhere in a date field to do the same. Can you please advise?

Also, once we begin to use it, will each date show up separately if I “Group by Date”? Or will it show a single group of multiple dates? I’m hoping to accomplish the former, not the latter.

Hi @David_Lawrence you can do a select multiple control on a table of dates, take a look at my example:

Ah. I’m not really looking to filter using multi-select, I’m hoping to allow users to enter multiple dates into a single date field.

It’s a “HW Assignment” table. Each row represents a homework assignment from a teacher. The relevent fields are Teacher Name, Assignment Description, and Assignment Date. While some assignments apply to only one date, there are others that apply to multiple dates (example: “Work on map project” assigned to 9/1, 9/2, 9/3.)

@David_Lawrence can you make a basic example you can share? Its hard to guess your theoreticals / use case.

Sure. See below.

I’d like to be able to allow the English teacher to enter one single row in the Assignments Table and select all 4 dates that it applies to in the Assignment Date field, rather than having to enter four rows as in this example. Does that make sense?

How will you pair each date with each subject in one row?

I was hoping that there was some sort of Coda-magic I could use! I’m guessing not though. I think my “next best” solution is to simply make a button at the end of each row to allow teachers to copy the assignment, leaving the date field blank so that they can quickly enter a new date while keeping everything else the same.

Oh well!

Hi @David_Lawrence,

I am maybe pushing it beyond your actual needs, but in order to achieve that (as teachers’ request makes sense) perhaps we can see it from a different perspective.

Basically, you’re filling up slots.

Therefore instead of multiple dates, we can think of available slots that can be (multi-)selected.

I built up a basic example starting from yours:

It adds maybe some complexity in the background but from the usability and - moreover - the overall consistency perspective, it should work.

Obviously, you have to maintain Assignments and Slots creation (the latter one might even be automated.
But this happens in any case.

Let me know if it helps (or rather the opposite…).

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@Federico_Stefanato, thank you so much for taking the time to construct that! So it looks like it isn’t possible to enter the dates (“slots”) using the Date field interface. I’ll have to decide how important that is for my teachers. Thank you again, and have a wonderful weekend!

Hi @David_Lawrence,
You’re welcome!

Best of luck and let me know if I can help further.
Have a great weekend you too.