MySQL Pack to Add Rows from Select Query


I’m interested to know if anyone in the community has created a MySQL pack? I wasn’t able to find one in the gallery, but I’m hopeful that someone might have an unpublished pack. Given its potential benefits, it seems like a useful tool to have. I’m currently using Integromat, but I’m looking to transition towards using packs instead.

Here’s the high-level workflow I’m envisioning:


  • Identify the location for the “Select Query”
  • Choose the destination table
  • Map out the columns


  • Use a button to initiate the MySQL Select Query
  • Add a new row for each result from the Select Query

To facilitate the development of this pack, I’m willing to provide financial support. My aim is to make this a FREE published pack that could potentially benefit many users.

Thanks in advance for any insights or assistance!

Hi @Scott_Hill - It sounds like a great Pack idea! One complication to make sure you are aware of is that Packs can only send HTTP requests, not the binary protocol used by MySQL. This means that a Pack won’t be able to connect to a database directly, but will have to talk through some API layer. Additionally Packs can’t connect to databases behind firewalls, so the database will need to be at least partially exposes to the web. Those issues can be overcome, but they do put some friction into the process.

@Eric_Koleda Thanks for the crash course! I now see why no one has made it yet :laughing:

I appreciate your prompt response