Need help Building Cleanse Tracker for Juice Bar

Hi! I’ve just discovered Coda after hitting some roadblocks with Notion & Airtable. I’m hoping the community can help me out with building an app for a juice bar, to track our juice cleanses. I’ll do my best to describe our setup, and share what I’ve done so far.

We have three different Cleanse Types: Cleanse A, B & C. We have 18 different total Products. Each Cleanse Type consists of seven of the 18 Products per day (some products are used in multiple Cleanse Types), and can be varying lengths (3 days minimum to whatever). I’d like to be able to create “Active Cleanse” records for each new cleanse purchased by a client, which would:

  1. Be associated with a Client record. (Got this down, simple.)
  2. Be identified as one of the three Cleanse Types (A, B or C).
  3. Have a duration of 3 or more days. (Along with start date, etc.)
  4. Include seven products per day, based on the Cleanse Type - which also need to be able to be manually overridden per product, per day if needed.
  5. Have a set of standard tasks associated to it, which do not vary per cleanse except for relative due date (relative to cleanse start date).

The ultimate goal is to organize that data in a way where I can create views that let our production team and front-of-house team see exactly what they need to do on a daily basis, based on what’s coming over the next few days. We need a snapshot of “What needs to happen right now?” based on the number of Active Cleanses, their Types, and their Product details.

In this document I’ve set up:

  1. A Clients table to hold basic client info. No real questions here, this is basic.
  2. An Active Cleanses table (Cleanse Overview section), which includes a connection to the client record, cleanse duration, Cleanse Type, start dates, etc.
  3. Below that, a master Cleanse Tasks table, which adds a set of standard tasks to this master table for each cleanse (refers to “Standard Tasks”) and sets relative due dates. This is pretty much functioning as I need it to for now.
    This is where I’m getting stuck, in how to organize the Cleanse Types with their products, and roll that into each Active Cleanse. So far:
  4. A Cleanse Types section where I began to organize cleanses and the products associated with them. It refers to the “All Products” table, and the numbers refer to the order of the products each day per cleanse. I’m not sure that’s even necessary to identify, it’s just how I started to visualize it.
  5. A button in the Active Cleanses table that I thought could act just like the “Add Tasks” button below, but for Products - if it could essentially read the Cleanse Type and Duration from that row, and grab the associated products from the Cleanse Types table and add them to a master table for the number of days needed. I think that might solve my needs, at least to start with.

It’s admittedly a bit hairy, so I’m hoping the community might be able to help simplify and iron out the flow. I’m also super new to the language/tool, so lookups and references are still a bit out of reach.

I appreciate any thoughts, thank you in advance!


Project so far:

I found this template which uses a similar pattern. In the example doc, the ‘Create Test Set’ button column looks at the values in the current row and then based on them adds rows using a FormulaMap and AddOrModifyRows actions to add rows from the TestTemplate tables the Tests table. It’s similar to the button in your active cleanses table.

Note FormulaMap is one of our more complex but powerful formulas. It basically does a loop through a (usually filtered) set of rows then can perform a separate action per row. Again, in the example the button formula first filters the TestTemplate table based on the current row’s properties and then uses the FormulaMap to add the filtered set of rows from the Template table to the Test table.

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Excellent, thank you! I’ll dig into that and see how I can apply it. Haven’t used FormulaMap before. Is it like a for loop?


I took a quick look and made a little schema change in how you have your Cleanse type table setup. It is something that I often see people do in Coda - columns instead of rows ( you are not the first to design a table this way)

Once you make that change some things become much easier.

I have added the formula in the button that populates Cleanse Schedule
Hope you are able to dive in and get this going!

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Thanks @mallika! That formula is super helpful.

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