Need help on multiple formulamap button

Hello. Here is my chase

I have table A of floor list with another column of room list in the floor which filtered from table C

In Table B, i have user list with a column of room list in the floor i select in table A (lets say 'B selected room list from floor)

And table C with all room list

I want to create button modify rows in table C (Room list) ,column user with a user i select in table B, by condition that the row (room number)
in table C must match with selected room list in from floor table B


Would love to help! But some sort of MVP example doc would make that much easier


In not at my desk right now
But here is a capture from my phone

Table A with a column of room list

Table B with a user and selected room list from table A

Table C is what i wish to achiece. Assign user from selected room list in table B to multiple rows in table C

I have bought and study from your powerpack before but couldnt find a way to crack it

I have use contain and IN formula. Didnt work it out as well

It seem like the selected room list of table B is A LIST of array , not an array

here’s link to my doc. Can you have a look?

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