Need help with iteration 1 part of table and aggregate the iterated part

Dear community!
I need your help with the next situation. I got a table with next columns: Name, email, start date, end date, travel ID. I need another table which will parse rows by travel ID and parse row by email after. Then, if we have a person with same travel ID but with many rows (for example 1 row is for airplane and the other row is for hotel, so it will be like 2 different rows with same travel ID and same email and name, but with different dates.), some how I need to get min start date and max end date. After this, I need to combine it into 1 row. The other trouble is - there can be more than 1 traveller in 1 travel so I need to parse them too. I need that table to show each person who went to remote work in a calendar. Unfortunately, I can’t ‘mix’ 2+ rows with different dates in to a 1 row in another table. I get the data by API from another application so I need it to be automated. Please give me some tips or help! Example:

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