New: Easily embed anything in your docs!

@Elad_Diamant I believe it’s because you have put another = inside the formula builder. Could you please try without it?

I have an example working here that you can look at:

Great upgrade!
It would be good be able to integrate UX files, like Adobe XD. Hierarchy maps as well (Org. charts, website mapping, etc.)

Very promising, opens up plenty of possibilities. Any plans to support embedding diagrams?

Hey @Premshay_Hermon you should definitely be able to embed those. Are there any links that aren’t working?

One tip is that instead of the Embed option in the + menu, you can try to write the Embed formula with the Force property set to true. Here’s an example:

=Embed("https://...", force: true)

Let me know if that helps.

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Hey @Leon_Volovyk1 thank you. The embed formula with the force property should support almost any link. Can you try something like:
=Embed(“https://…”, force: true)

If you have an example of a URL you can share, please let me know and I can help test for you

Thanks @Angad, I managed to get it to function as I needed to after a few tries!

Awesome thanks for letting me know!

Great solution, thanks!

We made this feature even easier to get to:

Hi @Angad is this working as well for Coda links?

Hi @ainabivi , yes you could embed a Coda doc inside another one by clicking the plus button and choosing New Embed. However do not promote this when you paste a Coda link inside a Coda doc.

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Thanks @Angad I hoped to get cross-sharing docs like this :wink:

Yeah @ainabivi I completely understand there are a lot of scenarios where you want that.
Unfortunately embedding is not a great solution for that since the embeds do not allow you to edit the embedded doc. Also you cannot write formulas to reference values from that doc.
It does work for some cases but hopefully we can do a proper cross-doc sharing someday!

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Can you provide any timeline regarding this “google maps pack”? I have been waiting for this kind of functionality evr since I first started on the the beta. I’m assuming Google’s changes to their maps API have affected you, but if so have you considered turning to open street maps or leaflet?

Hey @Simon_Marchand,

We’re dealing with legal & business issues around the Google Maps pack and don’t have an ETA at the moment unfortunately.

Sounds like something that isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon. I would suggest looking at other open source players in this space (ie open street maps) or even platforms like mapbox. Google maps is getting sketchy. I noticed looking at a map of Vancouver lately that ads for fast food restaurants were pushing out markers for skytrain stations (mass transit hubs) based on zoom level. That’s pretty crazy and a clear indication of their prioritization of public benefit as a source of information versus an interface to push ads above all else.

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I agree with @Simon_Marchand in that providing an alternative pack to google maps is a better approach in the long term.

@chris, I was also wondering if there is any chance that a leaflet/openlayer based block could be provided. I can see alot of situations where users want to display data in their documents on a map inside the document rather than rendering it somewhere else and embedding it.

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Here’s hoping… coda could be an absolutely breakout tool if they can figure this out (tables, plus graphs, plus text formatting, plus map visualization)

Hi Angad, is there any updae on embedding youtube with iframe commands?

Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov,

YouTube videos can embed just fine, including playing from a particular timestamp and allowing for fullscreen mode. Are there any advantages using iframe that Coda isn’t handling right now?