New 'Frozen Columns' are causing the rearranging of other columns to malfunction

I noticed that on tables where I have frozen columns set up, if I am scrolled far enough over to the right that the frozen columns are activated, whenever I try to drag a column horizontally, it will only let me drag it to the furthest left position, no matter where I hover it.


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Hello Aaron!

Thank you for the bug report, literally it’s annoying when column rearranging is not working. We have this bug in our internal tracker and our team is working for a fix. Soon they will be releasing a fix for this.
In the mean time either you can rearrange the columns from table’s columns panel as shown in below image or you can unfreeze the column to rearrange them.

Screen Recording 2021-08-25 at AM


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I have the same problem thanks for writing it up @Aaron_Moritz

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