New Pack Telefone Brasil

I have just released a new Pack.
My pack validates and formats brazilian phone numbers.
After watching @Eric_Koleda webinar on how to make packs using CLI, it was as easy as writing a Hello World code. Thank you, Eric.
I don’t know how many brazilians are here, but I hope it will be useful for at least a few.


Way to go @Breno_Nunes! I’m so happy to hear my webinar was useful. Any tips for other folks looking to use the CLI for the first time?

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@Breno_Nunes Great job! I am so happy to see so many makers starting to use the CLI tool. What will you make next?

Hi, @Eric_Koleda
Being able to use NPM packages opens up so many possibilities. I can, somehow, pretend to be a dev and create some useful packs. All it takes is writing one single line of code. Amazing

The only issue I had was with the docker. It was slowing my computer to a halt. I solved the problem by following the instructions bellow.

Thank you, @Thomas_Baucom.
I’ve just released another simple pack.
It writes in full (Portuguese) any number inside a text.

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