Non Profit access - no reply from Coda

Hey guys!
I applied recently to get the non-profit discount (I work at a non profit Startup Incubator) and didn’t get the chance to have an answer from Coda. I used this form : Coda for Nonprofits

Any help? Do you know the time it takes to get a reply?
I remember it was written a week of delay for an answer…and I think I’m past that.

Hey Simon - this is Ben from Coda. Sorry for the confusion here and our typical turn around time is certainly much fast than what you’ve been experiencing. Do you think you could share the name of your non-profit so that I can try to find the request? It might also be prudent to re-apply via this this link. We’ll get this resolved for you soon!


Hey Ben, no problem.
I work for Entrepreneuriat Laval (Laval University Startup incubator).
I’ll re-apply again as you’ve mentioned.


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