? Not Updating: Select list (from a lookup column) does not VISUALLY update when the reference changes

I couldn’t find a solution from past posts regarding this problem (not sure if I’m framing the question right)…

For context, I need to categorize a receipt for Quickbooks in which I will select a primary account and if available, a sub account. I have everything set up and working correctly, however, when I change the QB Account (Cost of Goods to Shipping Income - see pictures), the Sub-Account that was previous selected still shows up instead of resetting. This is problematic because I will be automating a process that categorizes QB transactions and this would potentially categorize incorrectly.

I feel like I need to use RunAction or FormulaMap but I’m not experienced enough to set this up. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @Theresa_Aguilar! This sounds doable with the switchif() formula in that sub-account column. With this, you can set the formula to switch the sub-account based on the value in that row’s Quickbook Accounts column.
You can read more about that formula here, and I’d also recommend checking out this video guide to using the formula too: How to use If & SwitchIf formulas in Coda | Formula Essentials - YouTube
Hope that gets you on the right track :grin:


Thank you Jasmine! I have struggled with this too long.

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