Notify for Change in Table Excluding Specific Columns


I have a table with multiple columns. Two of these columns are going to change with frequency, the others shouldn’t change at all. What would be a good method of setting up an alert that is sent to me when data is changed in one of these “protected” columns?

Summary: There are 14 columns in this table, 2 of which will change daily; the others shouldn’t ever change.

Hey @Sara_Jean_Kwapien! It sounds like setting up an automation that notifies you if a row in those “protected” columns would do the trick. Check out this help page for guidance on setting up automations :smile:

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Thank you, Jasmine!

Because there are so many columns (12) that are “protected” I was hoping there would be a way to do this without setting up 12 alerts? :crossed_fingers:

You could set up a “Protected Columns Modified On” column for all the columns necessary:

Max(thisrow.ColumnA.Modifed(), thisrow.ColumnB.Modified(), thisrow.ColumnC.Modified().... etc)

Then set up an automation on changes to the [Protected Columns Modified On] column. This way, you can edit the formula in that column to expand or contract as needs change without adjusting the automation


Eeeeeek, Billy! THANK YOU!

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You bet! Let me know if you’ve got any trouble with it!

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