[Offer] Let's get commercial!

Thanks for the shoutout! There are really a ton of ways to approach this, thanks to Coda’s awesome API. A couple thoughts:

  • I’d consider using Stripe’s Payment Link product instead of Gumroad, so you can avoid the additional fees that they charge. Just drop the payment link into a Coda button, and you’re set.
  • I’d consider using Coda’s “share doc” API endpoint to share doc’s with users directly, rather than allowing them to copy your templates. This feature, along with Coda’s recent support for disabling copying of doc’s, allows you to retain a lot more control over how your documents are used and opens up entirely new use cases. For instance, you could build a subscription product on top of Coda and revoke access to a user’s doc’s if their subscription lapses for X number of days.

Just some thoughts. I’m working on a larger guide to monetizing Coda doc’s, so lookout for that. In the interim, I shared some other ideas and examples on Twitter (see below). Happy building! :beers:

Today, I launched Pitch Book — a tiny product for organizing your #publicrelations workflow built on @coda_hq. Afterward, a couple folks asked about selling Coda templates. So I thought I'd share my approach. (If you want to buy Pitch Book, see the attached 🧵) #buildinpublic https://t.co/tzvaIEXzrn

— T.S. Strickland ✍️👨‍💻 (@TSStrickland1) June 23, 2021
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How did you go?

Interesting you want to make a fixed app on a no code site, for a fixed workflow. Something I think so greeat about Coda is is that it is so customizable. Give teams or companies horizontal flexibility and listen to them considerately to understand their needs, they likely will share differently and the end product app would be more specific to their use cases and processes.

From there I see great consulting oppotunities from those that understand taking requirements and project managment, and delivering on promises.

I dont see opportunities for building ‘the latest best app’ here that will be used over and over - even hidden tables or linked docs with ‘piece tables’ missing that support the app (like hiding the code so it can’t be resold) doesn’t seem to work here, which is why it’s great for Coda as a business and why they are sharing so many incredible templates out there

(Seems to be also as a catch up to Notion to get great use cases in the community shared for free … )

It’s trello - but docs and better - it’s too flexible.

Just my thoughts

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