[Offer] Where are the power users?

There are quite a few power users for Notion. They all have pretty good YouTube channels. I was wondering if anybody could recommend YouTube channels or other educational mediums for power users of Coda?

I’m really interested in seeing how smaller companies are setting up the structure (how they organize) inside Coda.

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Yeah, you recognised well that in this community things work in a different way from Notion.

I would say that the samples you find on set up’s in Notion are also possible to be made in Coda and in many cases, where Notion possibilities end, Coda continues with packs, API, automatisations, just to name some to improve business processes.

In this community you will be able to find a richt selection of sample docs and I would also recommend to look for the template section.

Furthermore: chekout the Coda on Crowdcast, as from next year the Codans will give an insight how they use Coda to run the organisation behind the development of Coda

Edit: New Event Series - Coda on Coda


Hey @Ritzfit and welcome to the community!

Just saw this. Posts from Misc get silently demoted for some reason.

I don’t know of any channels so far, but I am myself a Coda power user (furthermore, I’m making money building docs for hire), and I’m posting a fair share of tricks here in the Community. Here are just a few:

and lots more in other topics and replies.

I am going to start codatricks.com very soon and migrate all my discoveries there into a neatly organized blog. Feel free to subscribe.

P.S. As for how to organize, here are some of my best practices: Complex Coda Docs — Mapping them out for sustainability and continuous development

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I’ll subscribe thanks man!

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