Open a row based on a variable

I want this button to open a row at CRM table based on a variable. In this case the variable would be client’s name. For example: I’m about to enter a new order and client X changes its address and I need to update its information. I want to click the button so client X row opens and I can edit it.

Is there a way to do it w/o creating a table and just declaring a variable? I think that adding a 1x1table would work but will look awful.

Hi @Edgard_Navas :blush:

You don’t necessarily need a table to declare the variable here, you can simply use a canvas single-select Lookup control linked to table [Lista de clientes] where you could select the appropriate client :blush:

And for the Row part in your button you could then have something like :

[Lista de clientes].Filter(Cliente.Contains(LookupControl.Cliente)).First()

It’s just an idea :innocent:


You rock!! I’m loving this community :heart: thanks a lot! It works and looks amazing.


My pleasure @Edgard_Navas :grin: !
I’m very glad to know this is giving you the result you wanted :raised_hands: !

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