Ouch! Endless loop?

I thought I was making a button on the canvas to push a few buttons inside a table view to add a new row to a dozen records…but instead, I think I must have created an endless loop because Coda has been adding new rows everywhere and this has been going on for hours!

I thought I could solve the problem by disabling the buttons inside the table, but Coda is still actively adding news rows. Then I thought I could delete the button inside table, but that didn’t help either. Coda is still adding new rows.

Is there anyway to make the “Calculating” and addition of new rows stop?

Many thanks!

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I am going to answer my own query, in case my answer is helpful for someone else:
It finally occurred to me that I should hit the “Reload this page” button…I did it a few times, and the “Calculating” and adding of new rows stopped.

If someone reads this and can 1) validate what I did actually stopped the process (vs just being coincidence) and 2) explain why that worked if it did indeed stop the calculating, that would be awesome. And 3) a feature request is a “Stop” or “Kill” button for when processing or “Calculating” has run amok or you have some other reason you need it to stop.

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