Output of Total in Single Cell


I want to create a page with my basic home economy.
How can I make it so that I output the total of every concept into a single cell with a function rather then in the whole row?

So, the example below; I want to sum;
Concept 1 = Amount Total (first cell)
Concept 2 = Amount Total (second cell)
Concept 3 = Amount Total (third cell)

Hi @Miguel_Gomez

Coda lookups are your friend !
You must fill your Dummy Ouput table with effective concept, and call them as lookups in your Dummy 2 table. Then you will be able to select your concept throught a select list using lookups.

Then, use autoreferecing in your Dummy Output to have values from Dummy 2, and also the sum of your amount

I put the modification directly in your doc


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This is great! Thanks a bunch!!!

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Happy to help, enjoy all the possibilities given by that superpower coda functionnality !

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