Pack suggestion for alternative to Zoom

I know there is an abundance of alternatives to Zoom, the wildly popular (or at least most common) video conferencing app, and I know that there is a Zoom pack in Coda.
I would like to suggest a fun and equally serious alternative called Butter. The app is developed in Denmark and is well worth checking out if you are getting tired of the somewhat boring and corporate feel of Zoom. Both Butter and Coda seem to think that things should just work and that it should be a fun experience for the user.

Anyway, I would like to suggest that Coda suggests churning out (sorry, couldn’t help it) a Butter pack similar to the Zoom pack.

I am not a developer so I have no idea how easy this would be and any costs related to development but I think Butter is such an innovative video conferencing alternative that I owe it them to at least make the suggestion.

All the best, Kjell

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Hello @Kjell_Pettersen ,

Personally, I prefer to use which offers fun possibilities but not especially the possibility to create coworking spaces and free up to 25 people.



Thanks so much for these suggestions! Would you mind adding your Pack ideas here please?: Request a pack

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Ups… of course. Added. :innocent:

Thanks for the suggestion but this looks more like a gaming environment which might make it too fun for some… :wink:

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