Page Name without ID

When you use ToText() function on text with page names it appends “_” to the page name. For example if I had text “Added Role page” where “Role” was linked to a page, ToText() would produce “Added Role_znYAN page”

When using text fields for subject emails, you’ll see this as the email, instead of what you’d expect “Added Role Page”. Anyway to fix this besides trying to do regular expressions?

Is this the intended behavior or a bug?

Hi @Ryan_Hubbard,

Here is a doc I made for testing.

It seems you are using an @ reference. Could you use the hyperlink as I have done here?

You can hover on the @ reference, choose edit and provide static text to use which will convert it to a hyperlink. Note that if the page name changes the link will still go to that page but it will not change what it is called in the display text.

Kind regards



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