Pass the Positive Strokes

Background: our team has moved to an all remote world. I would like to digitally replicate an exercise I used to do in the room with everyone present.

Each person writes their own name on a sheet of paper. Then pass that sheet to the right, and each person would write something they admire about the person whose name is on the sheet. Then pass to the right again and do the same thing. At the end of the exercise, each person gets their sheet back with nice comments from their team members.

Any suggestions on if/how this can be accomplished would be much appreciated. I will be happy to publish this in the gallery if we can pull it off.

I have done some basic projects with Coda and in the past with Airtable, but haven’t been able to figure out if this is possible.

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Hey Randhir,

That sounds like a great idea! It reminds me of the game Telestrations, except with a focus on celebrating people! I think it would be totally doable and fun to make this in Coda - let me know if you’d like to build this together - I’d love to work with you to get this published! :innocent:

Josiah Krutz
Engineer, Coda

Hi Josiah, yes it is like Telestration. We could make it more flexible so it could be used for a variety of uses not just celebrating people.

I would love to partner with you because I have no idea how to do this in Coda.

Awesome - I will send you a direct message!

Josiah Krutz
Engineer, Coda