Permissions: content editor versus layout editor

Hey Folks, what is the latest thinking from Coda/experts on how to set up folks to interact and add/edit table data without messing up the structure of the data?

In Notion there were two levels of permissions: content editor (can edit table content), and editor (can edit layouts and data structure etc.).

Doing this on a page by page basis is exhausting. I see this thread here that gets at the same thing but with a different lens.

Sort of two levels of challenge:

  1. How can people add to/edit data without messing with or having access to the underlying data structure.
  2. How can we limit what data people see.

I am interested in both, but currently focussing on #1. Given that old thread…is there a way to set up permissions at the doc level for folks so they only interact with doc?

For sure!

Just put locking on a document and set the permissions to interact only.

But ensure you are setting that for “all pages” rather than just “this page”

Then set it so that only certain individuals can unlock.

Boom! You are done.

Aaaah. I totally missed that page level setting.

One quick follow up – can folks see the ‘settings’ and ‘insert’ options if the page is locked for editing?

I am using a pack that uses my token for cross-doc access, and I am trying to ensure that folks who are interacting with the data don’t have access to that.

Thank you so much for your help :raised_hands:t4:

No, although people can see the settings and insert panels, the actual tokens you provide to packs are to visible/accessible on the doc level.

@Eric_Koleda can share more about how pack tokens/authentication is handled securely

There’s a ton of information about Pack security in the help center:

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This is great, thank you for sharing!!

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