[Possible BUG] : Incorrect Item Details showing in table

This is a slightly tricky one to explain - its much easier showing through some screenshots.
However - put as simply as I can, a lookup is returning the correct result, but labelling it incorrectly in the table. When rolling over the result (showing the row of the lookup table) the info is correct.

This is quite concerning. Thankfully, everything seems to be at least working, but it doesn’t feel great relying on this info for doing invoicing / budgeting etc.

Here’s the table its looking up. It only has three rows (I’m only testing this) - and there’s no filters etc turned on.

Finally - how the ItemID is created -

Just wondering if I’m doing something in a way that isn’t correct, or if this is indeed a bug.


UPDATE : No luck figuring out what is wrong, but two interesting other bits of info.
1./ Another table that had a similar lookup showed the correct ID.

2./ Deleting that invoice item and the associated invoice, and re-generating the invoice (using exactly the same buttons / formulas) and it has worked ok.

(The ID is expected to be one higher as seen here, as it uses ROWID() so there’s no chance ever of a number being re-used.