Possible bug related with Crossdoc

Let’s say that I have two coda docs crossdoc’ed or whatever the proper adjective is.

First one, the source. three tables

table 1 has two lookups, one from table 2 and the other from table 3

table 2 has 1 lookup from table 3, but with a formula determined by table 1:

[Table 1].Lookup([Column 2], thisRow).[Column 3]

Now, the 2nd document has three crossdoc connections, one from each table of doc 1

What I don’t understand is that, while doc 1 works flawlessly, like so:

doc 2 has a weird absence: table 2 looked up column, connected with doc 1, shows this

four dots(?) instead of table2.column2 content, and a Message:


My best blind shot is that table 2 should be sync’ed with both table 2 and table 3 in order to make column 2 correctly crossdoc’ed

Am I right?

Is there any solution for the problem?

Thanks in advance

Did you find a solution ?

I had a really similiar situation and syncing all the needed table in the definitive one’s solved all my problem!
What’s your situation @Association_A_Million_Dreams? :slight_smile:

This looks like a 3 doc setup which is tough to make work because cross-doc tables are actually their own table that pulls in information from a main table. These are not necessarily linked tables.

If you have a main doc with a main table, then add two more docs, “Doc 1” and “Doc 2” that read from it, “Doc 1” doesn’t know that “Doc 2” is using the same information. It only knows about the main doc.

So it takes some planning to make sure all items are connected properly.

I also had a really similar situation, where some synced columns say “Row not find”, even after syncing all the needed tables. It seems to be happening when the source column has a lookup from another table, but with a formula from a third table (Exactly like @Juan_Luis_Chulilla explained it).
What I did instead is removing those synced columns, and add new columns with lookup formulas like in the source document. This isn’t convenient but it does the job :slight_smile:

I do believe it’s only a 2 doc setup; Doc 2 is reading from Doc 1